LEEDĀ® Green Associateā„¢ & Building Performance Analyst

My Mission

I am looking to pursue a career in Sustainable Architecture to put my degrees and certifications to work so I can help better the lives of future generations to come.

My Services


I have been using AutoCAD since my Freshman year of High School as one of my primary software tools. I have almost a decade of experience using this program.


Revit is a software I began using as a major tool for my projects in college. I used it to create all the projects over the past 5 years that required 3D Renders.


Photoshop is a tool I became accustomed to over the past 4 years. It has become my main post-rendering software, although I am still learning what all it truly can do.


I have been using SketchUp for about 5 years for various projects ranging from conceptual massing models to schematic concepts of buildings in college, to detailed 3D assembly drawings for fabricated equipment for my current employer.


Along with spending 2 years of my 4-year degree focusing on designing sustainable buildings and implementing innovative design strategies, I have become certified by Autodesk in Building Performance Analysis.


I am well versed in Microsoft Office including: Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. I am also familiar with Google Apps such as Docs and Drive. Along with MS Office and Google, I use Adobe Suites and Prezi.


Being a part of student groups allowed me to assist in advertising for meetings and events. Creating Flyers and posters using Photoshop. Also, certain projects I had required me to advertise my project with Brochures and Flyers on top of the mandatory Project Poster.


My current position allows me to work hand in hand with project managers who are teaching me everything I need to know about Project Management with the hopes that I will soon be able to double as a Project Manager soon.